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Opening up to universal energy...

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What is an attunement?

An adjustment is often used to open a person to an energy or spiritual practice to better connect the person to the universal energy that already exists for a particular resource.


It is much like connecting yourself to a new radio station you did not receive before. You become like an antenna or receiver of this pure information when you choose to connect.


How will this affect me?


The attunement connects you to the Reiki energy according to the level you are studying. With each level the connection both gets clarified and amplified. As it is a new resource, sometimes students must make way for this new energy by clearing old energy and patterns.


At what pace can I get adjusted to the different Reiki levels?


Nature evolves and changes at its own pace…. Humans also need a certain period to adapt to changes… Know that it is important to allow time to integrate each level both theoretically and energetically, for knowledge and feeling to come together in balance. People who are gifted or spiritually evolved also must honor this premise.


Yes, I have seen teachers bunch up a whole lot of classes and levels, but I have come to notice it is often for their own reputation or monetary motivations. Those students often end up not using Reiki or feel out of balance. When both teacher and student respect the process of Reiki, it leads to self-growth, discovery for themselves and everyone close to them.


When is the adjustment done?


Generally, it is done during the group session, but it can also be done by distance by the Reiki Master.

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