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Over 4000 years of healing wisdom, Ayurveda is a science infuse with Indian spirituality. It recognizes the energy constitution, the body dynamic that is specific to each individual. Ayurveda observes the balance of good quality food and the ability to digest with ease.

Here are a few courses for your personal development offered online...

Discover your ayurvedic type... (to come)

Image by Rock Staar

What is your dominant element and constitution? Water . Fire . Earth . Air . What to eat to enhance your energy...

Constitution Test

Heal your digestion with the proper spices... (to come)

Image by Akhil Chandran

Spices and how you combine them. The best effect it can have on your body constitution...


Image by Anna Pelzer

Why should you consider Ayurveda?

Because the food that is good for you is the food that fuels your energy and nature!

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