Caroline Paré

Naturopath . Grand Reiki Master . Hypnologist . Ayurvedic Counsellor. More...

The two certainties of energy and life are: You have to take care of your good energy and there is no point in moving too fast! There are no quick magic cures, but there is flow and having time for practise at a good and steady pace.  To do so you should trust quality care and beautiful teaching; one that holds a sense of ethics and goodness towards people as they evolve  PHYSICALLY . EMOTIONALLY . MENTALLY. SPIRITUALLY.

With more than 20 years of practise and teaching. Caroline is specialised in 5 energy practises learned from  Masters of 4 different continents. That said her teachings are assuredly solid and is counted amongst the best. Sharing the key to energy and purity is what she cares most about!

Manjunath Kamath

Vedic Priest . Meditation . Mantra . Yoga .

Working in Canada for 15 years as a temple priest, he dedicates over 2500 hours a year to mantra meditation. His wisdom and his understated ways make for a rich experience. Yoga is intended to be a practise of the mind first and the body second. His perspective and teachings will be impactful for your life and wellbeing.

"A person who can really take care of others, is one who knows first how to take care of himself".