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The quality of ethics is corresponds to the quality of the energy.

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1. To start, it is important and most preferable to work from the head down towards the feet. One of the main reasons is that the energy circulates most effectively downwards, most especially dense energy which is redirected to the earth for purification. People are very appreciative of having the energy removed from lower limbs at the end of the treatment.

2. If you are doing Reiki later at night, it is preferable to reduce the amount of time spent on the head and face. Sending too much energy there may cause sleeplessness.

3. You must be fully aware of the person receiving Reiki. All the hand positions can be executed with the hands touching the body or over the body, with the same level of success.


4. It is most important to begin a treatment by asking the person receiving Reiki what their intention is for receiving a treatment.


5.To effectively give Reiki, you absolutely need to quiet your mind. It is the only way of being completely aware of what is going on with the other person.


6. Place your hands in a way to cover the largest surface possible.


7. If you feel the energy blockages transferring onto you, focus and say the following quietly: « I do not need to feel it, I simply have to let the energy do its work».


8. Adjust to maintain a good posture while you give Reiki. Find a way to be at the right height, release your shoulders and maintain a good flow with your breath. This will help energy circulate.


9. To help the person to process the energy, offer a glass of water and create a relaxing environment. Allowing to integrate Reiki after you are done is as important as the treatment itself.

​10. After a treatment, ask the subject a couple of questions to bring to the awareness elements of Reiki. Did you feel anything different? Did you feel heat or tingling? Focus on sensations rather than results. People receive the information differently from how you do, after a few treatments they will become more receptive.                                                                                                                             

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