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Having a great sense of ethics is a garanty we are doing our very best...                       

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1.  Even if you now have symbols, Reiki level 2 is just the beginning of your Reiki journey. With every level, you get more resources to protect your energy and building your energy comes with your personal practice. This said, do not start practising on others (by this, I mean immediate family members), until:

  • You have integrated the energy of the second level. This takes about 3 weeks.

  • You have drawn the symbols about 100 times each.

  • You have practised giving yourself a treatment on every chakra using the different symbols.

  • You can draw them without looking at the sheet.

  • You have used them to clear some of your own emotional or mental challenges.

2.  Keeping with the purity of the practice and the good flow of energy, avoid drawing symbols facing the south, the preferred   directions are east and west at the beginning. Avoid areas in the house where there is clutter, noise or too many distractions. Ensure to not always practise at the end of the day in your bed. You will get a different feel for the symbols at different time of the day. Best to practise in a variety of conditions.

3.  Avoid boasting or calling attention when you do Reiki symbols, onlookers, even your loved ones, may not share the same level of enthusiasm or understanding of what you are doing. Use your better judgement!

4.  Avoid misusing the symbols like:

  • Showing the symbols to someone who has not been attuned to this level.

  • Doing them without setting your intention first.

  • Executing them in a public setting.

  • Placing your sheets on the ground.

  • Using them to take control of a situation or gain power over a person.

5.  Always work on your own stuff first. Do not attempt to work on someone’s issue if you have not cleared or worked on it for yourself first. This helps open up the energy, avoid overlap or triggering your energy during a treatment, etc.

6.  Best success stories with students in level 2, is when they do occasional practice on their kids before they go to bed, their teenagers around exam time or to introduce energy work to children for physical pain and when the are feeling sad. Husbands, wives or partners will like to receive Reiki as well, but wait for them to ask for it. Overtime, I have noticed students investing a lot in their family and some members becoming energy consuming. Best practice is to see that your time and energy has value and set up a fun exchange for your Reiki time. For example: “mommy will give little Brian a Reiki treatment, but little Brian will help water the plants or empty the dishwasher”. This is a good karmic practise…

7.  Right away, practise talking about Reiki in positive and appropriate terms. Although healing may happen and we love it when it does… To gage people’s expectations and to avoid using terms that are appropriated by health service providers. Reiki is intended to improve, address, alleviate aches, give energy where it is most needed, improve relaxation which is favorable for the body to recover. Reiki improves wellness and promotes the balance of one’s vital energy.

8.  Same goes for the word therapist, although with the Reiki certification and combined with another field of holistic practice, one can become a naturotherapist.  Many certifications with the title therapist require Masters degrees and/or years of training; in all fairness, use words that best describe where you are at.

9.  To avoid energy depletion, often due to overenthusiasm and willingness to help others 😊, if this is your first energy type practice, use a 5:1 ratio, do 5 times the amount of Reiki on yourself as you do to family members and loved ones. If you have a solid meditation practice or already practise other holistic modalities, then a 3:1 ratio should be sufficient.

10.  Best way to maintain balance is to ensure your sleep is of good quality, your food habits as well and you have time for yourself to do Reiki and have fun! 


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