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Le Reiki is the purest and safest way of working on chakras...

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Major Chakras


What is a chakra?


  • A chakra is generally positioned along the mid-line of the body

  • It is a central and vital energy point

  • It is connected to organs, emotions and human qualities

  • It is a point of high concentration of nadis​


What are nadis?

  • They are minute energy channels that define the energy field of the body

  • Most reliable sources agree to say we have about 72 000 nadis

  • Nadis can be compromised, underutilized or overcharged with energy

  • Reiki definitely helps to clear and balance nadis


What is the best practice?


About a dozen clients a year report that a Reiki practitioner or naturotherapist have said: …they had a blocked chakra… Lesson #1 NEVER-EVER say that someone has a blocked chakra.... If a person truly has a blocked chakra, they are most likely on their death bed. Here is how we can word or describe a chakra, it is: overactive, underactive, needs work or deserves one’s attention, could work more efficiently or needs to be better activated or utilized. Another way to address this is to suggest activities that will help a person focus on the chakra which is in need of attention. For example:

  • Root chakra: To eat more earth vegetable. Walk outside or garden…

  • Sacral: Have a creative journal. Eat more simple food combination. Reduce aggression…

  • Solar Plexus: Choose a workplace or job that makes you happy. Reduce stress and impurities…

  • Heart: Cook your favorite food. Declutter and create more flow. Breathe fresh air…

  • Throat: Coordinate your words and actions. Speak less. Wear a scarf if it is cold or windy…

  • The third-eye: Sit in silence every day. Allow yourself to act more spontaneously/intuitively….

  • Crown: Clear old beliefs your ego holds onto. Recognize daily what you are grateful for….


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