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Energy Healing
What is Reiki?

Reiki is an energetic treatment which transforms the energy of human cells, increases the energy field and balances the body, the mind and the emotions. Reiki was developed by a Japanese monk named Dr. Usui. A "Chi" specialist known to revive the energetic body back to health. For you to fully experience the benefits the Reiki Master or Grand Reiki Master must have serious training and dedication to this practice. 

What are the benefits?

Reduces stress . Increases your energy . Promotes relaxation . Improves sleep . Balances emotions . Brings awareness . Reduces physical discomfort and pain . Facilitates pre and post operation . Helps manage and reduce chronic pain . Aids digestive pain .  Boosts mind function and more...  Click on this link... 

What to expect...

Calm and relaxation . Sensation of release, heat and cooling, tingling for some. Liberation and well-being.  Improvement in what brings you to receive the treatment. 

Can I learn how to do Reiki?

Everyon can learn the foundations of Reiki The Institut of Reiki and Naturotherapy offers quality courses for those interested in certification of the fondamental levels 1 -2-3 and Reiki Master, as well as the advanced levesl 4 to 21.. Link to the Institute below


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