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After 20 years, what did you gain from meditating?


"Absolutely  nothing! However, it has rid me of my stress, my fears, my worries, my irritability, my wordly temptations, my bad habits and my doubts... "

Yog Meditation is a blend  which combines the fundamentals of ancient practises and vedic wisdom while being adapted to the energy and lifestyle of North Americans.  This approach is entirely unique to our Institute to address the needs and ever changing energy of people to help them adapt to stress of daily life. 

Meditation courses in March and April
Retreats in June and December.

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COACHING UN-À-UN (en anglais)
Coaching un-à-un ou en groupes semi-privés. Les cours sont offerts anglais . Technique adaptées au niveau . Région Ottawa-Gatineau en personne ou via le Zoom ailleurs dans le monde. 

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Where Oriental Traditions...

Image by Artem Beliaikin

Lineage . Discipline . Mantra .

Posture . Ayurveda . Asana . Mudras . Yoga . Karma . Vedas .

... Meets Occidental Energy 

Balance . Free-flowing . Calm . Consciousness . Chakras . Breath . Experience . Thoughts . Energy

Image by Lutchenca Medeiros
Coaching one-on-one 
In pairs or one-on-one you can book your own session of meditation adapted to you.  Coaching is offered in English only.  In person in the  Ottawa-Gatineau region or via Zoom elsewhere in the world. 

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Image by Levi XU

Time For a Retreat! 

Image by Jared Rice

Atma bodha

Self-awareness workshop. How to better live in the moment. Overcome the challenges of self-connection through meditation exercises.

1 au 3 décembre 2023 

Sainte-Lucie des Laurentides

Kio-o Center

Workshop: $325

Stay:  $225 (shared) - $400 (single)

Total: $550 (shared) - $725 (single)

Image by Zoltan Tasi

Swa Ropana

Self-healing workshop. Develop a deepend harmony between your body and mind. Discover the virtues of deep relaxation and yoga nidra.

1 au 3 décembre 2023 

Sainte-Lucie des Laurentides

Kio-o Center

Workshop: $325 

Stay:  $300 (shared) - $425 (single)

Total: $625 (shared) - $750 (single)

Image by Deniz Altindas


Self-balance workshop. How to balance your chakras through meditation. It is possible to increase the flow of your own life force through advanced exercices.

Date to be announced

Location to be confirmed

3 Nights


Workshop: $425

Stay: $450 (shared) - $640 (single)

Total: $875 - $1065

Meditation Courses...

An entirely new approach to meditation. A sophisticated approach including relaxation exercises, breath work, asanas and  postures promoting better meditation... Taught in English in small group.


Session 1:  Mondays March 13-20-27 ... FULL

Session 2:  Wednesdays March 15-22-29 ... FULL

Session 3:  Mondays April 3-17-24 ... 

Session 4:  Wednesdays April 5-12-19 ...


From 7:00 to 8:15. 


$75 per series. 


Non-refundable 1 week prior to the start of the Session.

Image by Tincho Franco


 Join Manjunath at the Aylmer Marina, west side passed the children's park for weekly meditation course.


Date: Wednesdays - start week to be announced

Time: 7-8 pm

Cost: $20 per session cash or etransfer (prior to course)


Bring your yoga mat and water bottle.


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