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The arrival of Reiki in the West!

Reiki made its way to the West by one of Dr. Usui prominent students, Dr. Hayashi and Mrs. Takata. Hayashi was considered by most the principle disciple of Dr. Usui. He was a captain and medical doctor in the Imperial Marine. He became Reiki Master in 1925 at the age of 47. He would treat his patients in Tokyo using both traditional and energy approaches. He can be credited with simplifying the technique and shaping it into a transmissible approach. Hayashi favored the hand apposition, as opposed to Usui, who much preferred a mystical practice.  Hayashi initiated Mrs. Takata, who was from Japanese ascent, but who’s parents resided in Hawaii. She travelled to Japan initially seeking surgery, but complications with her lungs lead her on the path to receive and practice Reiki. She received several trainings from her Master and upon her return to Hawaii, she also trained and initiated 22 Reiki Masters into this practice, leading to the spread of Reiki in North America.


Reiki Today:

Reiki is today governed by associations which promote the ethical practice of Reiki and the transmission of the technique. These include: The International Center for Reiki Training (founded by William Lee Rand), the International Association of Reiki Professionals and the Canadian Reiki Association. In the earlier tradition, the Reiki Master would study under the intent eye and supervision of the Master Teacher. In this sense, trusting a teacher with a good practice is known to enhance one’s ability. People are taught by a practicing Reiki Teacher at their own pace, mostly for personal growth. Some, fewer than one would believe, are called to undertake Reiki as a full-time practice. Reiki today still preserves a bit of tradition, as the effect and knowledge is passed on to the student by the teacher. This initiation into the practice is significant to build one’s energy and receive the best advice on how to practice. To be most transparent, it is fair to say that Reiki level 1 and 2 are accessible to most. The level 3, sometimes an oversight by some teachers, is imperative to introduce pupils to a spiritual practice which allows the mastery of one’s own energy in preparation to becoming a Reiki Master. For these 2 steps, a great sense of ethics and rigorous and quality meditation and purification practice is necessary. It is most wonderful to see people’s enthusiasm about undertaking the Reiki journey, and most amazing when people advance at a respectful pace.



Consult the Reiki Level 1 to 21 document to learn and visualize the different levels. Also, look at the Reiki Lineage to see where you fit into the Reiki Lineage and include your name on the last line. Know that everyone above you takes part in supporting you.




Preparation: Always wash your hands, wear clean and loose clothing and pre-determine the duration of your session.

Breathing: Instead of letting your thoughts take the better of you focus on your breath. Your thoughts can affect the flow of energy…. If you need a cue on the inbreath, think of the sound MA and on the outbreath OM.

Intention: At the beginning of every Reiki treatment, we should always set a brief and positively worded intention. By phrasing this intention, you do two important things. One is to give a point of focus for the person receiving the treatment and two, it gives a purpose for the energy being channeled.

This is the recommended structure for an intention…

« I ask the Reiki Master, Dr. Usui1 and all other benevolent spirit (or pure energy) to accompany for this x minutes2  Reiki treatment to shift… name your intention 3. May we be guided by Divine or Universal Wisdom and Love 4 ».

  1. It is always recommended to include the name of the founder.

  2. Name and honor a predetermined duration for the treatment.

  3. Always determine a positive topic phrased for the best outcome ex.: “…Avoid stress” would be phrased “…More ease and joy”.

  4. Pure… Divine… Universal… Choose the word that best reflects your core beliefs.

« I would ask the Reiki guides, Masters including Dr. Usui and other benevolent spirits to please accompany for this 15-minute treatment to improve my concentration. May we be guided by Divine wisdom and love.


« I ask the blessings of the Reiki Masters, teachers and all other pure and benevolent sources to please support me in this 27-minute treatment for the improvement of ease in flow in my articulations. May we be guided by Pure and Universal Love.


« I request the full support of the Reiki Masters, Dr. Usui and every other Benevolent Spirits to bring insight and love for a 7-minute session for my child to be happy and pleasant at home. May we be guided by Divine wisdom and Love.



Prepare 2 intentions that we will be able to share in the group:








Meditation: More and more people are aware of the benefits of a good meditation practice. This is the secret to most quality Reiki practitioners. Why? Because when meditation is done well, it is the most efficient way to clear thoughts and energy that prevents us from being a good channel of Pure energy. This also increases your ability to not get distracted during a treatment and to increase your own vital energy.

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