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Taking time to sit down and relax... All that is needed to be successful!                 

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Getting ready to do a distance treatment… Start by creating a time and space where you can focus on this exercise. If you have an idea who you want to give a treatment to, it is best to tell them or choose a  time and day when the person is likely at home relaxing… Preferably not driving through traffic 😊 Before engaging in a distance treatment, it is preferable to have the person’s verbal consent. However, it is possible that you will feel compelled to send Reiki to a person in need without being able to have direct communication. In this case, there is a process to obtain a “universal yes” or a “universal no” using the LAW OF CORRESPONDENCE. This technique will be taught in class.  One thing is certain, you must only ask once… “Can I give a distance Reiki treatment to (name of person) yes or no?” Then you must honor whatever response you get. You may not ask twice in a row. Know that if you disregard a “no” you are playing with universal energy beyond your rights and this could have negative repercussions on you and on your practice. If you get a negative response to your request, do not feel bad. Some people have to sustain a situation for a certain period of time while they are integrating precious life lessons. Perhaps it is not meant to be cleared right away. Also, it may be possible that you are not the person from whom the help must come from and that is o.k. as well. Once you have the permission to proceed, here are the steps:

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