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Working with symbols increases the connection with Reiki Energy...

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Working With Symbols

I am making a point to explain all of this to make it incredibly clear that Reiki itself is 100% pure, but at the same time it is used in a much different era where essential pure energy to support you is a rarity. So early on in the Reiki journey, it will be clear that you are embarking on a beautiful journey, but also one of contradictions. So if for example I suggest that you keep the Reiki symbols in a special file folder, not to be seen by anyone and not to be placed on the floor, it is only to ensure its purity, not because I’m teaching like a mother superior😊 Certain teachers are more liberal, they are simply not supporting and transmitting the same quality of practice and energy.


When you draw a symbol, do it with precision to better activate the energy. The good news is when you first practice Reiki, the Reiki Masters will correct your mistakes, so no stress! After a while, you just have to be attentive, if you do not feel the energy circulating, it means you have to draw the symbols again.


Many positive symbols throughout history have the reverse connotation when it is inverted. For example, a red rose is a symbol of love, however a dead rose is one of sadness and distress. The star of David is used in Chinese medicine to symbolise the balance between the 5 elements, but once you reverse it, it symbolises and pulls you into the deepest realms of black magic. If a symbol is used day after day for a pure purpose, the proofs of how powerful it is will manifest before you and all around you. Here are a few other tips:


  • The more symbols have been used purely in various civilisations, the more powerful they are.

  • The more times you practise them correctly, the easier the energy will activate.

  • The more you associate the symbols with the Reiki Masters, the better protected you are.

  • The more you neglect using the symbols with respect, the weaker they get.

  • The more you use them humbly to improve in life and advancement, the easier it gets.

  • The more you use them to show off or for your ego, the quicker all the energy will go away.

  • Every time you use them without waiting for proof or a desired outcome, the power and growth of your Reiki journey will become exponential.                       




Take a momen to pay attention to the PDF included at the top of this page. It explains the meaning of the first 3 symbols you are about to receive. In the respect of the tradition the symbols will be given to you during the practical portion of the class, once you have received the attunement. You will get the chance to practise them in the group setting, I just thought you may want to learning the meaning as a preparation! 

The meaning of the symbols
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