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When people across many civilization uses a symbol with a similar intention its strength gets multiplied...                      

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Working With Symbols



Before starting to work with symbols, there are several interesting notions that are worth understanding. This will clarify their use and actual power.


The uniqueness of humans lies within the intricate dynamic between the body, spirit and soul. The capacity to work at a conscious level = based on what we know and perceive; the subconscious level = what we don’t know we know which governs us; and the Higher Self = the part that knows in and out Who you are and every Beautiful memory and purpose that awaits to be expressed.


It is most important to know when you are working with energy and symbols, that the subconscious mind stores many archetypes. These are symbols, images and mythological beliefs that are part of the human collective. For example: fear of darkness, symbolism of a rose, following the guiding stars… Our connection to the Higher Self and its vibration level can be calibrated to a level that allows to have access to the universal energy, to feel spiritually connected, to have insight if you believe in this, or otherwise in the least to connect to your own sense of intuition and inspiration to act for the greater Good.


To put into historical context the oldest use of symbolism, it goes back to early Hinduism, as far as 4000 years ago. Life is divided and defined in four great eras.The first is the Satya Yuga, where symbols were first used according to scriptures to bring healing energy and direct it straight onto somebody in need of immediate healing or relief. This spiritual era was epically known for its connection to Wisdom and Human Truth. The proximity to the Gods and god-like abilities became progressively diluted every following era up until today’s Kali Yuga. This is our time, which is defined as one of darkness and human ignorance. It is the era that is known in the scriptures for the highest level of hypocrisy and a time where it appears as the majority of humans have lost their balance being swayed away from spirituality, in a world of contradiction and confusion.


More than before, individuals occupy roles that appears to be erected for the Good of people and yet, those people act in the most unimaginable corrupted ways. For example, policemen involved in drug rings, politicians acting in their own economical interests, priests doing rituals to gain more power over people, yoga teachers having affairs with students and so on. Purity and ethics which use to go hand in hand has been mostly diluted. That is why the beauty of our role is to understand that with the ability to use symbols comes the responsibility to realize that the purity of its purpose is not as well supported by the resources and energy of our era. It is important to value honor and truth, and yes, it does require more work and investment for a fuller outcome.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             CONTINUE...  

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