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Principal of correspondence ..."Everything that is here now is there and everywhere".                       

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The universe is governed by 7 sacred principals, which we will learn about throughout the Reiki journey. The first one is the LAW OF CORRESPONDANCE. But before we do so, I will make one precision right away. Most of the literature about the sacred principals now refer to these as the universal laws.  The way they are explained and used is often deprived of its original sacred meaning. This is again a mere reflection of the use of energy to materialize outcomes that are self-serving. In noticing that, I find it more useful when you learn about a sacred principal to sit in nature and to meditate. This way, your perspective of life shifts and so does your observation of nature and your surroundings.

The LAW OF CORRESPONDENCE relates to the fundamental resonance between the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. It is a courant or a wave of energy that keeps in balance our inner world and outer world. So right away we can connect this with the fact that if you believe in your inner self that you are Love, then you have the ability to send out or create love-like qualities in the tangible dimension.

The activation of the LAW OF CORRESPONDENCE is attainable through the 4th dimension. Most everything that has to do with higher awareness happens in the higher dimensions. Most of the challenges we face, most of the pain, hurt and suffering happens in the 3rd dimension. So naturally, by raising one’s awareness to a higher degree it helps you and others to be freer. 

The LAW OF CORRESPONDENCE at the most subtle level means: “What is here in me, is there and it is everywhere…” Through consciousness we can connect with our need to heal as well as the needs of others, it is in fact easier to connect with our own resources when we create those conditions for others in a higher level of intention or purity. Almost as if by working with spirit and a pure heart, we can create conditions that are favorable to both.

When using the Reiki distance technique (commonly called distance healing), it is done naturally by using the LAW OF CORRESPONDENCE. When doing so, we must recognize that we are attempting to help someone regardless of our own need for help. We must have a clear and pure intention for ourselves and the other person without focusing on specifics (as the mind lowers the vibration). The intention should be heart based and resonate with your Higher Self. We must create a space within and around us that is likely to be undisturbed for the duration of the treatment. We must acknowledge that we are raising our vibration, focusing our attention and letting go of any expected outcomes, that is when the principal of correspondence works at its best!


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