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 Forms to fill...

 Forms to fill...

Reiki . Hypnosis . Naturopathy. Ayurveda. Coaching  Energy Clearing .  Chakra balancing . 1st Session
 Duration - 90 min. $143,50 (+tx)
Children follow-up . Brief adult follow-up and treatment
for continuous care. 

Duration - 60 min. $117,50 (+tx)
Hypnosis for Change  - 1st session is an interview/practise + 2nd full hypnosis + 3rd hypnosis and follow-up.
Recommended duration - 2 x 90 min + 1x 60 min.
Past Life Regression - Energy coaching and treatment: Requires longer session
Minimal Duration - 120 minutes $187 (+tx)

For quality care, the session may last longer than the time reserved. The client is responsible for paying the fees for the time allotted.  

A receipt in naturopathy can be provided .
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The right care for you...


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Specilized Service

We are well reputed for our advanced purification abilities. This includes getting rid of harmful energies, protecting and balancing the vibration level of your home.  

Institut de Reiki
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