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Institute of Reiki...

Caroline Paré has founded the Institute as a highly certified Reiki Ascended Grand Master, Hypnotist and Naturopath. It offers quality care and health counsel for your wellbeing.

Field of expertise include:

  • Advanced Reiki

  • Hypnosis For Change

  • Past Life Regression

  • Ayurveda and naturopathy

  • Energetic Purification

  • Meditation

The Institute offers a great curriculum for its Reiki classes for all, as well as meditation courses and retreats.

Care & Services

 Offered to people who hope to gain better health and awareness. It helps shift energy and patterns leading to self-growth.

  • REIKI  For stress relief, relaxation and energy reset... To shift aches and pains... Or simply to feel better!

  • HYPNOSIS To change life habits... To free your emotions...Or to find ease in your everyday life...

  • AYURVEDA/ NATURO To optimize life habits... To address the signs and messages of your body... To sleep, eat better and have better vitality.

Considering the professional and energetic aspect, we ask the you be committed to the appointment date and time. 

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Courses & Training

Superior curriculum . Intégrity of the practise. Personal Growth . Recognized Certification .



  • Level 1 - 2 - 3 - Reiki Master

  • Advanced Reiki Master 

  • Grand Master Levels

  • Ascended Master 



  • Cours de méditation 

  • Coaching individuel et semi-privé

  • Exercices de focalisation et concentration

Intention of Wellness

One of the particularities of the Institute is our ability through daily practice to support and send energy when needed and to those in need...

If you have a life situation, important event that requires healing energy and support you can now be added in our daily intentions of healing and Light.

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Institut de Reiki
et de naturopathie


Institute of Reiki
and naturopathy

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